In Shot Trigger, you have a rescue job! The civilians are waiting for you to save them from the underworld! It is not gonna be easy, but if you focus you can achieve to win! Will you be able to save the civilians or leave them underworld? Good luck with the enemies!

Your people, civilians are captured by your enemies and they keep them in the underworld. They desperately need help and you are the only one who can save the civilians in this town! The game is all about your shooting skills to eliminate enemies and free hostages. It isn't an easy task, you have a wide range of different enemies, but if you feel ready to deal with this, you can start the game now by clicking on the play button. Your objective is to shoot at the right moment so that you kill your enemy. In the first level, there will be only one enemy, but as you proceed with the game, their number will increase, and the thing will be getting dirty. When the enemy shows up, your character will jump, and the game will slow down. If you cannot manage to shoot them during the jump, you will surely die. Be careful about the bullets! You should use them wisely! You can also buy new weapons with the money you earn because of the rescue job. Good luck!

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BPTop developed Shot Trigger.

Release Date

February 17, 2020


  • Intense action shooter
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Levels to pass
  • Great music


You can use your mouse to play this game.