With Real Minecraft, get ready to step into a world co-built by the most popular game series KoGaMa and Minecraft! Similar to the previous adventures of the Kogama series, you gotta team up and join the competition against the others. But this time, the environment is more dangerous, and you will be challenged by not one but 3 other teams. Collect the purple tokens, buy some weapons, and start creating your field by eliminating the opponents!

If you are a fan of these popular game series, you will not be able to leave the screen for hours of fun once you step into this multiplayer competition! In this adventure, you are setting the rules and create your own entertainment without following orders. If you want to customize your character, you can simply register and save your progress to but various skins and accessories. Use the WASD keys or arrows to move around and get to know the environment. You can pick up an item by pressing the "E" key and drop it whenever you want by pressing the "Q" key. With your mouse, you can change the camera view to move easier. Select a team and don't forget that each team has a different starting point. If you die because of the environment or get killed by another player, you can restart the game as long as you want. Good luck and have fun playing!

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Kogama developed this game.


  • 3D colorful pixelated graphics
  • Multiplayer competition
  • 4 teams with different colors to choose
  • Different character customization options


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move. The SPACE BAR to jump. "E" key to collect items and "Q" key to drop them.