With Princess Donuts Shop 2, get ready for the sweetest donut adventure! You can find anything and everything in this shop. So, they always have customers coming up! That's why our princess needs another employee to help her with quicker and better services. If you trust your cooking and dessert decorating skills, are you with us in this work?

Wow! There is no surprise that this shop has so many customers! This place is not only full of desserts but also hamburgers, drinks and many more. But we mainly need your help with the donuts, as you can understand from the game's name. What you should do is simply use your mouse to select the ingredients and decors. First, choose the donut dough and click on the arrow button at the right bottom corner of the game screen to move on to the next stage. Great! Now, let's choose the cream to put on it. The mese of the donut is done. Now, let's decorate it to make it more charming. You can put additional fruits and creams on the dessert. Don't forget to give the side tastes like a cheesecake, hamburger, or another kind of dessert. Add the drink next to the foods and finalize your service with a good-looking plate. Great job!

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Oscar Intermed developed this game.

Release Date

May 22, 2017


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Yummy backstory
  • Various stages to pass
  • Food decoration theme


You can use your mouse to play this game.