Potty Racers 3 is here to take you to the skies once again as you ride the signature vehicle of the series, a potty. Introducing new features to the popular series like upgrades and power-ups, nothing can stand in your way as you embrace the skies. Get ready and start pushing your potty down the hill to glide in the air, just like old times. How far can you travel?

Flying through the air isn’t exclusive to birds. The third installment of the popular and addictive game series will take you through eight different and challenging missions. Just like in the previous games of the series, your objective in this game is to complete the objectives of each mission. These objectives are usually things like reaching a certain height and distance. You’ll also have objectives that require you to perform certain tricks, buy certain upgrades, or land safely. As you play the game, you will earn money according to your score. You can spend this money at the in-game shop, which has categories like upgrades, scrap yard, and tricks. There are 11 upgrades you can buy for your potty. The scrap yard has different items that you can attach to your potty to increase its stats. Each mission has different designs for your potty. Finally, tricks are where you can learn new stunts to perform while you’re airborne, which is necessary to complete certain objectives. To play the game, press the right arrow key to push your potty, and once you get off the ground, use both left and right arrow keys to balance yourself. Don’t forget to collect the stars for extra points!

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Gonzo Games developed Potty Racers 3.

Release Date

August 2011


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 8 different missions
  • 11 different upgrades
  • 6 different tricks


Use the arrow keys to move and balance yourself. Press the space bar to activate your engine.