Parking is much more fun in online games than in real life. For one thing, there’s always at least one available spot for your vehicle, and Park a Lot 3 is no exception in this regard! Take on the role of a parking valet and drive the your customers’ cars through the parking lot in search of a suitable place to park. Since you’re driving other people’s cars, it’d be best not to cause any accidents. You’ll be held responsible for any damage! Are you ready to sprint from one car to the next and become the king of the car park?

A parking valet’s typical workday is never dull. So many different cars, demanding drivers, a maze-like parking area to find a good spot in, and so on. Discover what life is like as a parking valet in Park a Lot 3, one of the most popular parking games in our collection. In this game, you manage a parking lot in the city. Your objective is to look after your customers’ cars while they visit different shops. Look for a suitable parking bay to wheel each car into. When a customer arrives, you’ll see their ticket number displayed above their head for a brief moment. Pay attention and remember each number! You can park their car to anywhere you want, but taking note of the ticket number will make your job much easier when the parking lot is full of vehicles that look alike and your customer wants their car back quickly. Pay attention to the timer shown on the right side of the screen. A master valet can always deliver the right cars in time! Crashing or bumping into other cars and walls will knock precious seconds off your time, so watch where you drive!

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Different cars to drive
  • Different locations to explore


Use the arrow keys to control your character and drive the cars. Press the space bar to exit a car.