Grab your chopsticks and rice cooker! We’re going to Papa's Sushiria to create bite-sized deliciousness! The perfect combination of nori, rice, and many other tasty ingredients, sushi is the most popular food among the people of Sakura Bay! Sharpen your knife and get ready to slice sushi rolls filled with mouth-watering condiments! A serving of freshly rolled sushi and a glass of bubble tea is the perfect meal! With orders as diverse as your customers, are you up for the challenge the guests in your shop are about the serve you?

Get ready to head into the kitchen. You can choose a pre-existing character or create your own by using the many customization options. You can decide on a hairstyle, hair color and more with the character creator. Once ready, you can start your job after a brief tutorial. Just like in the other games from the Papa Louie's Restaurants series, you have 4 stations to work through as you prepare your dishes. The order station is where you take orders from your customers. The cooking station is where you cook the rice before you take it to the building station to add the other ingredients and roll your sushi. Lastly, you have the tea station, where you can make bubble tea to serve with the sushi. Sounds yummy! When a customer gives an order, they will tell you every detail about how they want their sushi to be prepared. From rice type to sauces, you should pay attention to these details to earn high scores and tips. With the tips, you can purchase new items and clothing from the shop to customize both your shop and your character. Some customers will be more demanding and they'll react excessively to your mistakes. Sometimes a customer will enter your shop with a special recipe in their hands. Win their hearts through their stomach by serving their sushi perfectly. They'll reward you with that special recipe as they leave your shop with a filled tummy. These recipes will earn you much more money and there is plenty to unlock!

With many recipes and crazy customers to unlock, Papa's Sushiria has a playful storyline that everyone would enjoy. Be sure to check other Papa's Games in our collection.


Papa's Sushiria was developed by Flipline Studios, which is also the creator of the world known Papa's Freezeria, Papa's Scooperia and Papa Louie's games serie.

Release Date

13 December 2016


  • Customize your chef and server
  • Unlock over 145 menu items
  • 40 unique special recipes
  • 7 fun mini games


Use your mouse to play the game.