It won't be a proper game day without some delicious hotdogs, soda, and popcorn. Luckily, Papa's Hot Doggeria is here and they have a new employee: you! Get ready to flip hotdogs, fill paper cups with soda, and pop some popcorn! The crowd is cheering, the sun is shining, but the mouthwatering scent of sizzling hotdogs are about to become the star of the game! Show everyone that you are the real VIP of this game day!

Welcome to Griller Stadium! The day of the big game is here, and you’re very excited about it! The tickets are sold out, but you can watch the game directly from your new workplace, Papa's Hot Doggeria! As the 7th installment of the Papa Louie's series, Papa's Hot Doggeria challenges your cooking and serving skills with lots of picky customers and diverse recipes. As the player, your objective is to serve your customers the best hotdogs Griller Stadium has to offer. Watching the game will make people hungry so keep the grill hot! Just like in the previous games, you’ll cook and serve your dishes using a series of work stations. In Papa's Hot Doggeria, there are 4 stations. The ordering station is where your customers tell you their orders. They will list every detail of their desired meal, so pay close attention. To start cooking, check the order tickets and head to the grilling station. Here you’ll heat up the hotdogs. Each spot on the grill has a timer that you should keep an eye on. When your hotdogs are grilled to perfection, you can choose a bun and visit the building station to add the sauce, condiments, and other tasty ingredients. Your last stop is the corn popping station. Check if your customer requested soda and popcorn to go with their hotdog. Choose the right size and place everything onto the serving tray. Now the order is complete! Time to serve the hotdog to your customer and collect some tips for your hard work!

Who doesn’t love game day? Colorful flags, a cheering crowd, and the smell of delicious snacks are everywhere! If you want to pursue a career in one of Papa Louie’s many other restaurants, be sure to visit our collection of Paparia or Papa Louie games and check out the other titles in the series!


Flipline Studios created Papa's Hot Doggeria. In the same serie, the studios developed the notorious Papas Pizzeria and Papas Sushiria.

Release Date

November 19, 2012


  • Variety of picky customers to keep happy
  • Lots of different recipes
  • Unlock items through fun mini-games
  • Many customization options


Use your mouse to play the game.