Are you confident about your cooking skills? Then come work at Papa's Cheeseria and prepare the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town! Mmm, cheese...! Nobody can resist the warm cheese oozing between the grilled bread slices. Yes, it is hard but your priority is your hungry customers! Grab your spatula and put your chef's hat on! Let's melt some cheese!

Best customers are hungry customers! And the ones visiting your shop are surely hungry! In Papa's Cheeseria, you try to serve your customers the best grilled cheese sandwiches. Each of your customers has different tastes and this is the challenge every chef has to overcome! Write down your customers' order and head into the kitchen to perform the culinary wizardry! First, choose the bread type. So many choices! Then place the cheese on top and add other delicious ingredients. When done, make it a sandwich. Time to give it a golden brown tan! Visit the grilling station and grill the sandwich to your customers' liking. Smells yummy! Place it on the cutting board and move to the frying section. A grilled cheese sandwich is not complete without the fries as a side dish. Check the order and choose the correct fries. When done, add sauce and toppings and voila! The sandwich is ready to be served! If you fulfill the requests of your customer, enjoy a big tip and a game ticket. What are you waiting for? Keep on grilling!

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Flipline Studios is the developer of Papa's Cheeseria. The studio is also famous for its Papa Louie's series.

Release Date

June 10, 2015


  • Lots of customization options
  • Different recipes
  • Variety of customers
  • Unlockable ingredients


Use your mouse to play the game.