In Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack, your pleasant cruise just got ruined by evil desserts! Help Captain Cori rescue Papa Louie and the others! In the third game of the wildly popular Papa Louie platformer series, you can explore the uncommonly sweet side of Munchmore! Show those desserts that you are on a strict sugar-free diet and smack them with your stick to hammer the message home!

Papa Louie had assumed that it would be the customers who’d attack the desserts with gusto. Unfortunately, a big surprise was waiting for him when he opened his new freezeria aboard this cruise ship. The desserts went wild and attacked everyone! Other people got sucked into strange magic portals and found themselves in a bizarre world populated by sugary monsters. As the captain of the ship, it is your duty to assure the safety of your passengers, and that includes saving every customer and your buddy Papa Louie from this syrup-filled world. Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack features many challenging levels for you to complete. At the end of each level, you will see a trapped customer waiting to be rescued. The game controls are simple. Use the arrow keys to navigate and the space bar to attack the baddies. There are different types of baddies in each level and defeating some of them will require a different approach. You can jump on top of the baddies to knock them unconscious. Hitting them with the space bar will knock them out as well. In addition, each level contains a number of collectibles that you can seek out to boost your score. At the bottom of the screen, you can track your progress gathering these items. Collect all the items, rescue every customer, and try your best to find Papa Louie! Travel through the sticky levels, gaze at the colorful sugar trees, and watch out for mischievous fruit!

Papa Louie and his customers are counting on you! Show the evil desserts that you are the main course, and don't let anything stop you! These desserts are vicious little mutants, but have you seen how monstrously troublesome pizzas can become? Be sure to check out Papa Louie 1: When Pizzas Attack, another adventure platformer from the same series!


Flipline Studios developed Papa Louie When Sundaes Attack, as well as its prequel Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack.

Release Date

March 4, 2015


  • Over 9 levels to explore
  • 28 playable customers to unlock
  • 6 unique challenges in each level
  • 2 epic boss fights


Use the arrow keys to move. Use the space bar to attack.