Rush out and make money on the run in Money Rush! You are one of the people who just love to earn money. There is no such thing as too much money for you. So, now give in all you got to earn money and invest in things that will earn you more money!

Here is a fun game for you to focus on numbers solely. In this 3D hyper-casual game, you will move on through a platform and collect money or other valuable tokens. You can simply roll down the platform and try to collect the items but there is something to consider. The road is full of portals that will manipulate your sum of money. Be quick and do the math to choose which portal to pass through. Beware that your money will be manipulated as in the mathematical operations on the gate. At the end of the platforms, your tokens will be converted to cash money. You can unlock new spots in the off-platform unit of the game. These units will work as idle money-making points that will multiply your money. This way, you can go on growing your territory and enjoy the game more!

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2Play developed Money Rush.

Release Date

August 08, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Requirement of mathematic skills

• Skins to unlock

• Idle money-making systems


You can use the mouse to slide your tokens side by side through the platform.