Merge the dinosaurs and soldiers of the same ranks to upgrade them and improve your army with Merge Master! Evolve with the enemy, keep up with the age, and use the circumstances to your advantage! Try different tactics and pair combos, use the power of crowd or quality, and show your commanding skills!

What you are about to witness are the first battles of humankind. Sticks, stones, and tamed dinosaurs are the instruments of this primitive warzone. Forget all you know about modern wars and combine your powers with the prehistoric monsters of this world; we have victories to claim! You can only recruit the first-level warriors and monsters on this field, but there are ways to upgrade them. You can hold a first-level soldier and put it on another to get a stronger warrior. You will use the soldiers in the process, but the outcome is worth it. You can do the same with the dinosaurs. Combine two same-leveled monsters to get an upgrade and intimidate your enemies with your new war machine! Discover new species and soldiers, unlock the next ages, and advance before the enemy to keep the upper hand! Recruit as many as you can before each level to keep up with the circumstances!

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2Play developed Merge Master.

Release Date

August 22, 2022


Nice 3D graphics

Fun and addictive levels

Increasing challenge

Available upgrades

Improving strategy skills

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.