In Match Adventure, begin your amazing journey with Gemmy the squirrel! When the residents of the forest awoke one morning, they discovered that someone had destroyed the entire forest edge overnight, leaving it lonely. What's more, Gemmy the squirrel's younger brother, Johnny, has disappeared. Help a small but brave squirrel in her search for her brother!

The way will not be easy; you and Gemmy will need to communicate to all of the forest residents, restore the events of the previous night, and embark on a journey to other planets. You, Gemmy, and her friends will travel from one world to the next, learning fresh clues about her brother's strange disappearance as well as meeting the people of other worlds. Clear the territory, re-erect all the buildings and decorations, and explore them to restore the devastated edge and the forest world. Earn coins for building by completing the Match-3 levels. You must clear the territory and re-erect all of the buildings in order to restore the destroyed edge and the forest environment. Gemmy will communicate with numerous characters as you travel through the levels, revealing the secret of what happened. Gemmy and the travelers will earn a reputation and a reward for finishing particular levels, as well as a piece of a secret mechanism that will help them journey to the next world. Buy additional decorations in the store for coins and boost the world's reputation! Remember to clear the land to make place for additional buildings. This will require the use of nuts. Use diamonds to speed up the process! Have fun!

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Overmobile developed Match Adventure.

Release Date

November, 2021


  • 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Involving animals


You can use your mouse to play this game.