In Lady Popular, take a step into the glamorous life, and become a shining member of the fashion community. Create a character, and dress them in the most beautiful clothes, challenge other players for popularity, and even get your character a handsome boyfriend. Are you ready to become the talk of the city? Wear your mascara, put a big smile on your face, and embrace the opportunities. Can you become the most popular lady?

Lady Popular is a beautiful game where you can meet other players online, and make new friends or rivals! The game's objective is to earn popularity points by taking part in different activities. But first, you should create your character! With dozens of different choices, you can create anyone you want in Lady Popular. Try to create yourself or maybe even your favorite celebrity! Once you're done, you can play the tutorial to get familiar with the mechanics and different features. Many amazing destinations are waiting for you! Feeling unfashionable? Get a complete makeover at the beauty salon, and can change your hair, make-up many other features. Looking for new clothes? Head to the mall to visit different fashion houses to purchase various clothes and accessories. You look great already! Attending activities like this will reward you with popularity points. You can spend these points to improve your different stats such as style, creativity and more. Challenge other players for popularity to earn money. There is so much to do in this game!

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XS Software developed Lady Popular

Release Date

November 2009


  • Beautiful characters
  • Expansive create-a-character system
  • Many places to visit
  • Multiplayer online gameplay
  • Available in 21 languages


Use your mouse to play this game.