In Kids Cute Pairs, it's time to test your memory with different characters. Improving memory is an importing thing for little kids when they're growing up, and educative games are one of the best ways to do that! Suitable for both younger kids and older childer, this game will keep them busy for a long time.

Offering 3 different difficulty settings and two-player mode, both parents and their kids can have quality time together in this game. The objective of this game is to find the pairs of images on the cards. You can use the mouse to play the game. When you start, pick solo or multiplayer game mode. Then you can decide on the difficulty. As you increase the difficulty, the amount of the cards on the board will increase. The easy mode has 6 cards with vegetable and fruit images, the medium mode has 12 cards with pictures of different objects, and lastly, the hardest difficulty has 24 cards with animal images. Click on a card to flip and reveal the picture on it. Then choose another card to find the pair of it. If you're successful, the cards will disappear from the board. You complete the level when you match all the pairs and clear the board. In two-player mode, you play the game in turns, and the player who has the most points when the board is cleared wins the game.

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Inlogic Software developed Kids Cute Pairs

Release Date

May 15, 2019


  • Solo and 2 player modes
  • 3 different difficulties
  • Colorful and cute 2D graphics
  • Easy gameplay


Use your mouse to play this game.