In Home Makeover Hidden Object, Emma needs to complete a very important job! As she is studying to become a designer, her grandparents want her to make their home over! But Emma needs some help to make it happen! Can you help her clean the house and make it over? Have fun!

There is a lot of work here that is needed to be done! Emma's grandma heard from her Mom that she is studying to become a designer. It is a great career choice! And they have an old house right down by the river, but they are too old to restore it themselves. So, they asked Emma to come over and help fix things around! Let's start the game and help her make it over! Emma needs to start from the entrance area, so let's clean the cobwebs and then sell old stuff to make money and buy decor pieces. Find objects that the customers request and sell them away! There will be a target at each level for you to complete, when you reach it, you can take the money and buy some furniture. But be careful! You don't want to break fragile items because of you! Exchange old paint for dazzling wallpaper, outdated furniture for more modern pieces, and more! Return this house back to its old glory! Clean out the old, cluttered house! Have fun!

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Origaming Media developed Home Makeover Hidden Object.

Release Date

April 2, 2021


  • Includes fun facts and hints
  • 9 exciting achievements for you to pursue
  • Unlimited levels span over 12 gorgeous scenes
  • Seek and find hundreds of items


You can use your mouse to play this game.