Hell Chopper offers a different gaming experience for many players with its Halloween themed levels and graphics. A red moon is shining in the background, and creatures of the night are crawling all around. Forget the lumbering undead you know from the movies! In this game, being a walking skeleton is cool. Jumping onto your motorbike and traverse through different levels filled with all kinds of challenges. Let your engines howl into the night as you ride under the moonlight!

Hell Chopper is filled with creepy characters that haunt your Halloween dreams! The moon looks beautiful at this time of the year, and even after death you wouldn't want to miss such a scene. Command of a skeletal rider and leap onto your trusted motor to start your ghastly journey. Your objective in this thrilling game is to complete each track with the highest score you can gather up without dying. In each level, you’ll encounter different obstacles. You have to climb steep hills, roll down dangerous slopes, and perform daring jumps. In these levels, you’ll also encounter three different icons: pumpkins, ox skulls, and bats. Pumpkins will increase your score when you collect them, so try to collect as many of these as you can. Ox skulls will fill the health meter shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen. Watch out, because the bats will harm you! Use the arrow keys to control your motor, but be careful! If you lose your balance and fall on your face, your motor will explode and you’ll lose the level!

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  • Exciting gameplay
  • Halloween themed levels
  • Challenging level designs
  • 2D graphics


Use the arrow keys to drive.