Be a company to a cute little hamster in Hamster Maze! This is the world of little hamsters and you are here to witness their adventure. Get ready to have a blast of cuteness in this game while you watch little hamsters run up and down!

With their whole fluffiness, these little hamsters are here to make your day. In this game, you will have platforms full of different obstacles and reward fruits at each level. You can control the fluffy friend by sliding the little ball in the transparent circle according to the direction you want to take it. This way, the little hamster will be moving on the platform. Sometimes it will need to climb an obstacle, sometimes it will need to go over moving platforms but at all times, you’ll be watching it move its fluffy body. While having a cuteness blast, you can collect fruits, too. You can use them to unlock new hamsters! Have fun playing this realistic and cute game with amazing 3D graphics!

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Developer developed Hamster Maze.

Release Date

January 03, 2022


3D colorful and realistic graphics

Cute hamsters!

Interesting way to control the character

Different hamsters to unlock!


You can use the mouse of your computer to control the hamsters.