Element Evolution invites you to find out how many elements you can get! Be ready to conquer all the elements by merging them and make precious gems and coins out of them. Sounds fun? It gets even more fun when you receive treasure chests! You can expand your land and be the ruler of the universe. Now click on the play button and let the adventure begin!

Who commands the earth to grow herbs or the sky to bless us with rain? It will be you, apparently! Are you ready to take control of nature and dominate natural events? If so, let's start our adventure by checking the tasks to be completed! You can see the task button at the top of the screen and find out the rewards if you complete them. The objective of this fun puzzle game is to merge the same elements and unlock more elements by doing so. Click on the chest situated at the bottom of the game screen until the percentage is full. Then, the first elements will appear on your land. Merge the same ones to get a new one. Each element will earn you coins as it stays on the land. The more complex the combination, the higher amounts you'll earn. You can buy the unlocked elements from the in-game shop if you don't want to wait until you get them. Treasure chests will give you random elements that you can use too. Have fun!

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Yad.com developed Element Evolution.

Release Date

March 5, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Merging elements to get new ones
  • In-game shop to purchase elements
  • Random treasure chests


You can use your mouse to play this game.