In Doll House Cake Cooking, it's time for you to test your pastry skills and unleash your imagination! Being a pastry chef and owning a successful bakery shop isn't that easy. You constantly have to push your limits and try new things to keep your customers happy. After all, your job requires creativity and people always want to see new things. So, are you ready to prepare this dollhouse cake for one of your customers?

It's time to head into the kitchen, put all the items you need on the counter, get all the necessary ingredients, and let your hands do the talking. Once you are done, the dollhouse cake is gonna taste so good that people will wanna lick their fingers. If you have never tried this before, don't worry! The on-screen instructions will help you prepare this delicious cake. The first stage is cooking and the second one is decorating. We should first stir together the ingredients like sugar, flour, eggs, and butter. Put the batter into baking pans and put them in the oven. Now you can start preparing the strawberry cream and frost the whole cake. Cut out a dollhouse shape from the other cake and place it on the cake you prepared. Now comes the fun part! You can decorate this cake any way you want, add toppings and icing on the cake. Have fun!

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Racz Ioan Paul II developed Doll House Cake Cooking.

Release Date

July 24, 2017


  • 2 stages to complete
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Easy controls


You can use your mouse to play this game.