It’s said that the events that happened to us influence our dreams. It seems toy cars are no exception in Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams. Our little red car is having nightmares because his owner's bullies made fun of him earlier. Their toy cars had more features and this intimidated the little red car. Help him escape from those mean cars in his nightmare. Drive through the different levels as you attempt to escape from various enemies. Use power-ups to get away from them. Can you survive the night, even if this is just a bad dream?

Just because it’s a dream doesn't mean it won't hurt! With the enemy cars tailing you with their nightmarish gaping mouths, you should keep your eyes on the road to avoid being brought to a halt by the many obstacles scattered around the level. Your objective is to complete each level by driving down the road as you try to get away from the nightmare versions of these mean cars. At first, you may have trouble keeping putting distance between your car and your pursuers. You start with very simple gear, after all. The red gems will allow you to purchase different upgrades from the in-game shop to improve your stats. Apart from these upgrades, you can also collect different power-ups that can give you an advantage over your attackers. You can also find some powerful special attacks that can stop your enemies in their tracks or even destroy them. You can also use your bombs to blow them up as well!

Playing with cars is always fun. You might have been able to shake off your pursuers in this game, but here at Kizi, we’ve go lots of other exciting car games for you to try your hand at. Have fun playing!


Smokoko developed Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams


  • 50 different achievements to earn
  • Statistics to keep your track of your progress
  • 20 different levels
  • Shop to buy upgrades for your car


Use the arrow keys to drive your car. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate or hit the brakes. The right and left arrow keys are for balancing your car when you are in mid-air. Press the Z key to activate your nitro fuel, and the X key to use any special powers your picked up along the way. Use the space bar to drop a bomb.