Jump out of the ice cream cone and start your adventure in the icy lands with the popular puzzle game, Bad Ice Cream! Developed by Nitrome Ltd., a studio with many other popular and successful games, take the role of a grumpy ice cream character and try to collect fruits through 40 different and fun levels. Watch out for the frost monsters! Their brains are frozen, so they won’t stop when you get in their way! Break the ice cubes with your frost breath or create and use them as obstacles to trap the monsters!

The icy world of Bad Ice Cream is full of wonders! As the player, your objective is to collect all of the fruits in each level without getting caught and stomped by the ice monsters. Before delving into the frozen lands, choose how many players are going to play the game. Yes, you can play with your friend with the same keyboard! Once you’ve decided on that, it is time to choose a flavor for your character. This is just an aesthetic and doesn’t impact the gameplay at all. Now you are ready to start! Use the arrow keys to move around the map. The weather is cold, so the map is filled with ice cubes. These will prevent you from reaching the fruits, but they also create a barrier between you and frost monsters. Being an ice cream has its perk and your frost breath is your most useful skill. By pressing the space key, you can break a row of ice cubes to clear a path for yourself. Be careful, though! Some monsters are trapped between the ice cube walls and breaking those will set them free. You can freeze the air with your frost breath and create a row of ice cubes again if a monster is following you persistently.

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Bad Ice Cream is developed by Nitrome Ltd.

Release Date

December 2010


  • You can play with a friend
  • 3 different ice cream flavors to choose
  • Many maps to explore
  • Fun puzzles


As player 1, use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar/return key to shoot. As player 2, use the WASD keys to move and the F key to shoot.