In, get ready for the fun-filled adventure with the most well-known characters as you play! This game will keep you in front of the screen for hours! You need to expand your crowd by consuming as much food as possible! Are you ready to beat other players to become the most powerful one? Have fun!

Space travel, betrayal, murder, and maintenance! Never forget these four words when you are in this land! This game will definitely stop you from getting bored! This time you won't try to kill anyone, your aim is just to consume food and grow your crowd! As you consume the foods on your way, your crowd will be getting bigger, and they will follow you wherever you go! Are you wondering what is waiting for you in this game? Then let's jump into the game and see how far you can go! To control your character, you only need your mouse, simply click on the screen, and drag to move. As soon as the game starts, you will find yourself in the field which is filled with delicious food! You can consume all of them by walking towards them. You can see the number of your followers on your character's head. Be careful! If the other crowds are bigger than yours, they can eat you! And if yours is bigger, you can eat them, and their entire crowd becomes yours! You will also find some power-ups that will aid you in the game, such as a speed boost or doubling the size of your crowd. Are you ready for all the delicious food? Have fun!

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Hit Games developed

Release Date

May 21, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Upgrades to unlock
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.